John T. Healy has established a reputation as one of the broadcasting industry’s leading international executives.  Under Mr. Healy’s guidance, Capital Cities/ABC created numerous lucrative ventures and relationships around the globe that positioned the company as the premiere television distribution organization in the world. The success of Mr. Healy’s international activities was the culmination of a long and meaningful career with ABC.


During his tenure as President, ABC International Operations and Executive Vice President, ABC Cable & International, Mr. Healy was responsible for ABC’s investment activities in programming, production, distribution, and broadcasting around the world. Among the investments for which Mr. Healy was responsible were Tele-Munchen and RTL2 in Germany, Tesauro in Spain, Hamster Productions in France, TVA in Brazil, as well as SBS in Scandinavia. Mr. Healy was also responsible for ABC’s interests in Asia including the creation of children’s programming services in both China and India.


Mr. Healy joined ABC in 1970 after assignments with both General Foods and Lehigh Valley Industries. Initially a member of ABC’s corporate planning department, Mr. Healy became Vice President of ABC’s Leisure Group, which was created to oversee most of the company’s non-broadcasting activities. In 1979, Mr. Healy facilitated the creation of ABC Video Enterprises, the unit that became the company’s vehicle for new media investments. 


As Executive Vice President of Video Enterprises, Mr. Healy was also instrumental in the creation and success of ABC’s cable ventures. From their inception, he was a member of the Boards of Directors of cable networks, Arts & Entertainment, Lifetime, and ESPN.


With H.A.M., Mr. Healy served as an advisor and director of ie-nvest, a Latin American fund, and iVillage, the women’s service network, as well as chairman of the management committee and director of Russian television company, CTC Media. He also served as a director of the International Television Academy, a division of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.